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sudden flashbacks

Hi, I am a senior citizen who is still haunted by memories and questions.  I hope all or you younger ones can find peace sooner than I.  I didn't remember anything until my father passed away about 18 years ago.  Then all of a sudden I started having flashbacks and understood why certain things were intolerable all my life.  So I cried for the loss of my father and for the loss of my childhood.  I went to therapy, but I am not convinced the doctor even believed me.  Nothing was resolved.  I have never told my mother, can't bring myself to.  I have told my brothers but they were at a loss.  My life has been a mess, as you all well know.  But I remember myself as a child with great potential and love of life.   Then there is a period I don't really remember much, then as a teen I was a mess.  The flashbacks were just enough to know something happened to my at the hands of my father, but not all of the detail.  This is my first post, hope this helps because I don't want to have to tell anyone this story again. 
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