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 I don't know which groups I have or have not introduced myself to and I made a mistake not reading the rules first off. So I will tell you about myself possibly again. First off, I am a 39 year old female who lives in Nashville Tennessee and has four cats and a dog. I live alone in my house. I like music and art. I love the Beatles most of all. When I was 11 John Lennon was killed and the Beatles got  replayed since, well since the 70's. and I learned about them from the memorials that came of his death. The Beatles became an obsession of mine and helped me deal with my family life so that I didn't  feel so sad and hurt. They saved my sanity.
          Anyway, I like to play my drums and guitar. I don't have a band. I record alone. I do most stuff alone. I have one best friend that I love dearly. These support groups have been a savior to me as well. Thanks to you all.
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