delynsia (delynsia) wrote in transsiameeting,

Would the group mind being listed at SIANYC.ORG?


My name is Delyn.  Sorry to barge in on your meeting but I'm not sure
how else to get in touch with anyone from this meeting. I'm a member of SIA living in the NYC area.  I'm helping New York City SIA Intergroup coordinate the meeting list we
distribute to members in this area and we would like to list your
internet meeting as a service to NYC area survivors. 

Would it be possible to list your meeting on our website ( and in
the printed meeting list we give out at meetings?  We guard anonymity
very closely here and wouldn't list any personal contact info, just the web link. 

Many members in New York don't know about the internet meetings
because they only look on our local website for meeting listings.

You can contact me at if you have questions and to let me know your group conscience.

We're really excited that your meeting is up an running!
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